When I first visited Dr. Torabi, I thought I’d had a stroke when the left side of my face became paralyzed, leaving me unable to blink my left eye or move my mouth on that side. Dr. Torabi immediately put me at ease, letting me know I had a condition called Bell’s Palsy which is generally curable within a few weeks. After I received the medication, Dr. Torabi went the extra mile by following up with phone calls to check on my condition and to recommend nutritional supplements and proper eye care. Thank you Dr. Torabi! It’s rare to see such caring treatment from doctors.
Chris H.

What I appreciate most about Panorama Urgent Care: their consistency and apparent comprehension of the operative word ‘Urgent’ to care. This is the only UC facility that does not make me cringe. The staff and physicians are amazing and so helpful, which is unfortunately a rare situation when compared to my previous experiences. The service was prompt , attentive and mindful of myself and the rest of the patients. the building was clean and well-maintained Dr. Torabi was very nice, thorough, and knowledgeable. With the wait for the prescription -I was in and out in less than an hour!
James B.

Dr. Torabi is a life saver, literally. I was taken to the Panorama City Urgent Care after a serious car accident. Dr. Torabi and her team were extremely caring , taking the time to check me from head to toe. I was impressed with how quickly they got me through the intake process and how careful and attentive the doctor was, and felt like they truly cared about how I was doing and the outcome of my overall health.
Brianna C.

I found this urgent care clinic online and I’m so thankful I was seen right away. It’s so well organized and clean. The doctor was knowledgeable and the receptionist was kind. I’m so impressed with how well I was treated and how fast they worked with me.
Arina H.

The staff was very nice and I was able to be seen quickly. Very clean space and the team was knowledgeable. I would visit again if I felt ill.
Kate P.

This was a wonderful experience. The staff was very knowledgeable and very pleasant. I was able to book my appointment online and when I arrive, we were in a room and out of there in no time.
Alicia T.

State of the art urgent care with an excellent staff of trained professionals. I received immediate exceptional service and really enjoyed the care provided by these respected doctors.
Andre A.